AXA travel insurance for residents of France

AXA’s travel insurance options for those living in France

If you or your loved ones live in France and are planning a trip abroad, you will want or need travel insurance to protect against accidents, illnesses, or any other kind of worry. Wherever you are traveling, medical expenses can be incredibly costly - and AXA can help with comprehensive guarantees. Perfect to ensure you have peace of mind during your trip!

Our standard insurance policies can provide cover for medical expenses abroad up to €1,000,000, 24-hour medical assistance, travel cancelation insurance, as well as cover for repatriation insurance and loss of luggage. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our policies also include “cover for health costs related to Covid-19", subject to conditions.

If you are traveling from France within the European Union

Unlike nationals of countries outside the Schengen Area without a visa-free agreement, residents of France or French nationals do not need to take out travel insurance as a condition of obtaining a visa. However, taking out insurance is still a good idea as some countries do seek to reclaim some medical costs should you fall ill, have an accident, or require an emergency prescription. AXA’s more comprehensive Schengen Area policies, such as our Voyageo short stay insurance.

This provides coverage of medical expenses abroad up to €1,000,000; cancelation insurance, including in the event of Covid-19; French-speaking doctors available 24/7 - free of charge; baggage insurance, up to € 2,000; relief costs; search and rescue costs, up to €,10,000, and changes of departure and return insurance.

Travel Insurance for French students

AXA’s student insurance accompanies you throughout your study period abroad and is available for time periods from one to 12 months. Our insurance covers you in the event of an accident, illness, and other health problems, early return, loss or theft of documents and even offers you psychological assistance should you require it. It also only takes a few clicks to obtain your insurance certificate which will facilitate your registration for certain universities. So, if you are short of time there’s no need to worry. It is available from €41, or for €60 for more comprehensive coverage. More information is available here: AXA’s travel insurance for French students.

For regular travellers we offer Multi Trip insurance which is available from €298 for a whole year’s coverage.

You can find out more about these policies here.

If you are traveling from France outside Europe

If you are traveling from France to a country outside the Schengen Area, you may need to check the specific visa requirements of the country you are traveling to, as travel insurance covering you for medical costs up to a certain amount is often a condition of obtaining your visa. However, many countries, including the U.K. and U.S., have visa-free arrangements with the Schengen Area, which includes France. If obtaining insurance is not a condition of getting your visa, you still may not be covered for any medical costs during your stay, so it is vital to obtain travel and medical insurance in case you fall ill or injure yourself, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For short stays, AXA provides three insurance products - a basic package costing €10.99 that offers you medical cover and assistance; a more comprehensive package, costing €15.99, that also covers the cancelation of your trip, interruptions in your stay, and loss of baggage, and our most comprehensive package - costing €17.99 - that also offers liability insurance, protection against missed travel connections, and personal accident insurance. All policies cover Covid-related medical costs, subject to policy conditions. To find out more, click here.

What if I want to take out insurance for someone who wishes to visit me in France?

AXA does offer insurance that can be paid for on someone’s behalf - for example, a family member who needs to travel to visit you in France. You will need to check out our three options for insurance for those traveling to the Schengen Area

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